Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas (aka heartfelt featurettes)

Valentine's Day is coming up. This is an important holiday. Well, I think it is anyway. And those of you who know me in person will know why. Not only am I a girl and not only do I love pink things, but Valentine may just be my last name. Sigh. How cute. And I have a ton of stuff on the Etsy site you can get/give for Valentine's Day, but I'll be the first to admit that for some, jewelry just doesn't work or is too cliche. What ever shall I do, you ask? Well, you keep reading this post, because I have 10 superb ideas from my Etsy friends out there, and these are dang good ideas if I do say so myself.

Option 1: Gift for the nerd in your life.
Who has nerds in their lives? Um, I do. The mister is a big nerd. He is glued to his computer for work, school, and play, so something computer-y works best for him. I, however, am a hopeless romantic, so this really fun and cute personalized keyboard is perfect for both of us. Good job, andyabel!

Option 2: Gift for the pet lover in your life.
I live in an apartment complex that won't let me have pets, and this makes me sad. I want a puppy SO badly! I have friends that have puppies and they love their little cuties so much. So, while I can't have a puppy of my own, I can help my friends celebrate the puppies (or kitties) in their lives with these cute Valentine's Day scarves for pets. Aren't they just so cute? Kidsandpetsboutique, you did an amazing job with these.

Option 3: Gift for the writer  in your life.
I love to write. And doodle. And scribble. Basically, I love paper. I bet if I sat down and counted, I would find 3 gazillion notebooks in my house, and I am constantly buying more. This beautiful leather journal with key is the paper person's perfect pad (did you notice the alliteration). The embossed leather makes it look so classic and inviting that you can't but help to put all your ideas in it. TeoStudios, great work!

Option 4: Gift for the spa-a-holic
I love baths. Who doesn't? I love trips to the spa where I can be treated to wonderful smelling, high quality products that make me look and feel like a million bucks. I don't always have the time or the money to make it to the spa, but I can do a spa at home experience. That's why these cute soaps are so great. Not only can I use them to relax and pamper myself, but every time I look at them I can remember how much the giver of the soaps loves me. Innerearthsoaps gets the credit for this beauty.

Option 5: Gift for the vintage fan
I love vintage, antique things. New things are great, too, but knowing that something is so beautiful and so meaningful that it passes the test of time just adds to the experience of the item. Plus, old fashioned art work just looks so classic and clean - you can't help but just love it. That's why this vintage Valentine postcard is perfect. It can be so meaningful for you and your loved one, and it's so neat to know it meant something just as special to someone else, too. Good find, abbysrelics!

Option 6: Gift for the cuddlebug in your life
Who doesn't love a good cuddle? While I'll admit that there are people who enjoy the cuddle more than others, everyone likes a good snuggle that says, "Hey! I love you and I'll always be here to protect you." That's why I love this cute little love bird. When you're not there to snuggle your cuddlebug, this cute little love bird can do the job for you. Plus, who doesn't just want to stare at this cutie for hours? DogDaemona did a beautiful job with this cutie, don't you think?

Option 7: Gift for the pack rat
I keep everything, and I do mean everything. You never know when you're going to need that one random thing! And truth be told, everything I keep has some sort of meaning for me. The problem is that I run out of places to put these lovely things. So that's why I love this beautifully crafted wooden box. Not only will I be sure to use it, but I can keep my special treasures in the heart you've given me. Awww, great job, dikruck!

Option 8: Gift for the chocolate lover
I don't know how anyone can dislike chocolate, and I don't know how anyone can go a day without any chocolate. So gourmet chocolate is sounding great to me. But it get's better: stick caramel in the middle and you've got a deal - I'll do whatever you want me to do! I am putty in your hands! So not only was I a sucker to love these chocolate caramel truffles, but they are beautiful as well. What could be better? Oh wait, I know - eating them. Nikid, you'll be hearing from me - and soon!

Option 9: Gift for the picture lover
Okay, this might be my favorite idea. We did this for my mom for Mother's Day a few years ago, and she was in tears for a few days. What's better than a picture (after all, they are worth 1000 words)? The only thing is a personalized portrait. Not only does it say, "Hey, I know you like this picture, so I got it for you," but it says, "Hey, not only did I get you something I know you'd like, but look how personal this is." EmmaVasquez is so talented, you'll want to keep her on the list of people you need to know.

Option 10: Gift for the practical and straitforward:
A few years ago, for my Valentine's Day cards, I drew an anatomical heart and wrote "I heart you" on the inside. I thought I was so funny and creative, and everyone laughed SO much when they received them. The only thing that would have been better would be this pill box. Not only is it kind of cute and super funny, but it has a practical use and you can literally keep your heart with them. Good one, nataliesnest!

I hope this gift guide will help you find your perfect gift! Happy shopping for gifts, and happy Valentine's Day!

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