Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blog Feature - Wish With Me

Are you ready for the blog features to begin? I know I am, and I'm so excited to feature this fabulous Etsy shoppe called Wish With Me.

Let me show you some of the amazing handmade stuffed animals you can find at Wish With Me's Etsy store, because they are so cute. I kind of want them all...

This cute wish dog is just looking for a cuddle...

Do you think my boss would mind if I brought the tiny turtle playset to work with me?

 I hope the tiny wish fairy makes all my dreams come true!

I am a sucker for stuffed animals, especially when they are this cute. And you can tell that they are made with love, which makes them so much more special.

So let's meet Wish With Me!

Here's what Kathie, Wish With Me's creator-extrordinaire, says about the five get-to-know-you questions:
My favorite things to make are my tiny stuffed animals, even though there a bit difficult on my eyes. There just so cute when there finished. :)

My inspiration comes from the memories of my own childhood and the things I liked to play with and remembering all the little things my children used to love to have.

I always wanted to find a way to sell my creations, but never knew how to go about it. I heard of Etsy in a magazine and on the View and I kind of studied all the ins and outs for a couple months. I then saw someone make a dog out of gloves on T.V. and I took that dog and put the Wish with me twist on it. I used buttons, beads, fabrics and imagination. My wish dog was the very first item sold in my shop. I put the word WISH on his belly, because that seemed to say it all. Close to his heart was an embroidered wishing star with a Swarovoski crystal in the center. One of his eyes was encircled with embroidery floss to give him that whimsical, wishful look and I finished off with a little hand crocheted scarf to give him that cozy feeling. I still offer my Wish dog along with about 35 other items. I also have another 30 items I add to my shop here and there.

So it's a Tuesday night, it's raining and I'm usually on the sofa, watching T.V. and sewing, cutting, sketching out new ideas or gathering materials for my next project.

I've been creating things all my life. The best part of what I do is seeing that awesome expression on the face of those I touch with the things I create, and reading the feedback from a customer who just received their package in the mail. My shops name is wishwithme because this shop is the wish I've had for as long as I can remember. I invite my customers and future customers to wish along with me. Some of my best ideas come from my customers. I take great pride in the quality of the things I create. From my half inch stuffed lady bug, to my fourteen inch tall Fuzzy Tummy Wummy. I love the challenge of a custom order.

Now you know Wish With Me, so go check them out!

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  1. Thank you so much for my feature! You are awesome :D