Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blog Feature - Gilliauna’s Bits and Beads

Another week, another blog feature. And I’m so excited to introduce you to Gilliauna’s Bits and Beads store. This shoppe is actually run by two friends, Zoie and Leal, and they are so creative.

Let's look at some of their really REALLY cute stuff, shall we?

This cute earring is so fun and versatile and I probably want it.

 This tranquility stone choker matches everything and it's so dang cute!
 I love reading, so this dragonfly's kiss bookmark is right up my alley.

And this is only the beginning! Gilliauna's Bits and Beads is full of beautiful pieces that any girl would love to own, to wear, and to give to her friends. But enough of my blabbing - let's hear from the ladies!

1. What is your favorite product to make?

Zoie - I adore working with earrings. I like how delicate they feel to the touch while I'm working on them and I have a hard time not keeping each creation for myself!
Leal - My favorite product to make varries depending on what I'm making at the time. Usually whatever I'm working on becomes my favorite for the duration of a project. At the moment, I'm working on rosaries, which is very exacting and time consuming work, but also very rewarding. They're a new project I'm just starting out with and am enjoying a great deal.

2. Where do you get your inspiration?

Zoie - I'm very drawn to color, all color. So a great deal of my inspiration comes from that. Visually, I can't resist certain combinations of hues and shades and I try and share that enjoyment with others through my craft.
Leal - Primarily nature. I'm a big fan of the outdoors and spend as much time there as possible when weather permits. I bring back with me from those experiences new ideas to incorporate into my work.

3. How did you get started making your products?

Zoie - I've been crafting for my entire life... *Smile* I come from a long line of women crafters. Each generation of women in my family has had certain talents. My mother sews, embroiders and makes wonderful candy and candles... my grandmother was a potter and sculptor as well as made beautiful hand-crafted porcelain dishes. My great-grandmother made lace and did breathtaking embroidery. My mother started me out early looking for what crafts I would take to... and things just progressed from there.
Leal - Zoie got me into crafting when I was young, which I've been doing since soon after I met her. She was a family/spiritual advisor for my family and it wasn't uncommon for her to come over and sit my sister and I down around our coffee table and spend time with us crafting while we talked about our day, beliefs, ideas for holiday celebrations, parents, life, etc. Much to my father's dismay, I stuck with it growing up.

4. It’s Tuesday night and it’s raining. What are you doing?

Zoie - It's been chilly here lately and I like to snuggle myself under a nice soft blanket with a tray in my lap and work on my craft or spend some time reading. Most of my evenings are spent that way. I'm not much of a tv watcher so there's music playing in the background and the quiet hum of the clothes dryer coming from the other room. Sometimes I'll spend that time of day working on pics to load into Etsy as product photos.
Leal - Fitting question since we live wedged between rainforests and mountain terrain. I've usually got the TV on. I might help my twin sister with her homework if she needs it or work on my own if I have anything to finish up. Probably sit at the table and craft for a bit or log on with the laptop and spend it talking to my boyfriend in IMs while promoting and exploring advertising ideas.

5. What else do you want to tell us about you/your product?

We'd love to have more custom orders. We offer them in our shop and both of us are happy to work with customers who are looking for something unique and special that's created just for them or to their specifications to be given as a gift to another.

Don't you just love them so much? I know I do. I'll beat you to their site - ready, set, GO!

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  1. Thank you so much for the interview and feature! It looks terrific and we're both honored to be included on such a beautiful blog.